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Biodiesel produced with FuelMeister performs better than regular diesel fuel.

Lower Emissions

Biodiesel produces 80% less exhaust emissions.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Compared to petroleum diesel, biodiesel (B100) made with waste vegetable oil saves a net 21.7 pounds of CO2 emission per gallon.

Save Money

Biodiesel costs around 55 cents a gallon to produce.


FuelMeister uses a closed loop system that reduces spills and odors.


Batch takes between 5 to 8 hours to complete.


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These are brand new units with a full year warranty.  These FuelMeister’s come with a detachable fueling nozzle that allows you to refuel directly from the FuelMeister’s 55 gallon tank.

Call 1-800-BIOFUEL and order your FuelMeisterII Today!

With a FuelMeister II you don't have to be a plumber or mechanic to make your own biodiesel. This is not a hobby kit but a complete system engineered with quality materials. You get all the specialized equipment and supplies you need to start making biodiesel that same day. Some assembly is required. All you need to add is vegetable oil, methanol, lye, electricity and tap water.

The whole setup fits comfortably in the corner of your garage. And because it's a "closed" system you won't have to pour or stir any liquids. The patent pending Direct Catalyst Injection design provides for goof-proof lye dissolving as well as metering and mixing and premix into the oil. It will turn even heavily used cooking oil into clean burning, biodegradable and smooth-running biodiesel.

Whatever you own that runs on diesel fuel you can power with the biodiesel you produce with your own FuelMeister II biodiesel production system.

  1. Handles most used vegetable oils

  2. Makes two 40 gallon batches in 24 hours

  3. Dual make two 80 gallon batches in 24 hours

  4. Industrial-grade materials

  5. Easy draining cone-bottom tanks

  6. Improved water wash system

  7. Improved titration kit

  8. 30 minutes hands-on time after understanding the system

  9. Turbine pump blends and mixes

  10. Full-draining single tank system

  11. Modular Direct Catalyst Injection Lid (Patent Pending)

  12. Steel Methanol Pump

  13. Quick disconnect hose fittings throughout

  14. NEMA box with Solid-State control timer

  15. Steel valves (now only 3)

  16. No thru-tank ports

  17. Interchangeable Lid System

  18. Large diameter glycerol drain hose

  19. 30" x 30" footprint, very compact

  20. Dual has a 30” x 60” footprint

  21. Platform allows for modular upgrades

  22. UPS Shippable!

Biodiesel Output: 43.5 gallons (max) per batch, (87 gallons Dual)
Mix Rate: 330 gallons per hour
Operator: 1/2 hour per batch (typical)
Tank Material: Chemical grade medium density polyethylene
Tank Stands: Welded steel frame with levelers
Plumbing Materials: Chemical grade steel valves
Processor Capacity: 55 gallons (maximum)
Processor Size: 54" high x 26" diameter
Footprint: Set up in a 30" x 30" space
Shipping Weight Processor: 98 lbs.
Shipping Weight Pump Assembly: 27 lbs

Click on the following link, FM2_Master_Brochure.pdf , to download the FuelMeister brochure.


FuelMeisterII: $2995.00, now $2295.00

FuelMeisterII Dual: $3895.00, now $3195.00